The School of Fine Arts (EBA)

Established in 1816 and incorporated into the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1972, the School of Fine Arts (EBA) has played throughout its history a central role in the history of visual arts in our country. For its long history, it is obligatory reference both in the formulation of public education, as the experience and production of the artistic field. 

Today, the EBA brings together both in production and in its faculty, the marks of a history of 200 years. Dialogue traditional and fundamental concepts of a school which strengthens and delineates the contours of every artistic genre; and contemporary concepts that come to break the boundaries between the various cultural fields related to art.

Research conducted in the Graduate and an intense renewal of faculty have created a healthy tension between tradition and contemporaneity. The friction of these two temporal universes produces energy and reflection on the relationship between art and society.


The EBA is located in an island in the Guanabara Bay called Ilha do Fundão. The EBA is very close to the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro and there you can find public transportation to the entire city.

Informations about the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro:


All the courses offered by School of Fine Arts of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro are considered references in their areas.

·         Visual Arts / emphasis in Sculpture

·         Engraving

·         Painting

·         Art history

·         Conservation and restoration

·         Visual communication design

·         Performing arts (Clothing and Scenography)

·         Interior Design

·         Landscape composition

·         Industrial design

·         Artistic education (Visual arts and Drawing)

Informations about courses